Inspirational Quotes

"What a wonderful day!"

"Life is wonderful."

"Appreciate the people and things around you. "

"Love your family, friends and people around you."

"Positive, Positive, Positive!"

"Love yourself and the people around you."

"Start your day with a lovely smile!"

"No one can bring you down unless u let them to. So be happy and enjoy every moment of your life."

"Positive attitude and energy can bring to a new level of life."

"Love and appreciate what u have and share with others. "

"Hopes will lead to possibilities."

"Enjoy your family, marriage, friends will make u enjoy life even more."

"Know how to appreciate and never take things for granted will bring you to a happier life."

"Positive feeling and thinking can take u to a happier life."

"Learn from your past, enjoy your present and look forward to your bright future."

"There are no guarantees on what will happen in the future but as long as you have try your best and enjoy the process. There will be nothing to regret."

"Positive energy is just like the ripple effect. It can spread to the people around you."

"Fill your life with love. Love is a gift you can give everyday."

"Follow your heart. Follow your dream."

"Life is Love. Love is Life."

"Have faith, believe in yourself, listen to your inner voice and follow your dream."

"Be thankful everyday."

Welcome to Connie Kwan-Wong Foundation...


"Giving is better than receiving.

  Love the people around you.

  Help the people who need you."


Mission statement 

To raise awareness about the immediate problems and issues facing the children in Houston, how best to address these issues, and to serve as a bridge between the Houston community and established children's charities to foster growth and community involvement in these charities. 

Vision statement 

To ultimately improve the lives and well-being of as many children in need as possible, from a local level to an eventual global level.
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